Below, you will find the some of the best in Native American Indian / Native Heart resources found on the Internet. With so many wonderful sites available, I've gathered and created a listing of various types of interest, all including some great information. More links will be added as time goes on and I always welcome new referrals, so I encourage you to send me URLs for review at LITTLELEAFFLUTES@YAHOO.COM. Also, please be sure to bookmark this page, check back often and don't forget to share it with a friend! Thanks for being here and enjoy!

Vicky Littleleaf

Of course, I cannot go without mentioning my most treasured sites! I'd like to present these works of art, and the hypnotic music, of Native American flute player, world-recognized recording artist, "NAMA Nominee", and Award Winning Native American flute maker, Charles Littleleaf, of the Warm Springs Indian Reservation, Oregon. Please visit each site as you will find them as enchanting ... full of beautifully haunting sounds from Native American flute music, to gorgeous works of art in custom Native American flutes. Littleleaf's newest Award-Winning CD, Ancient Reflections, contains one of the most emotionally charged renditions of Amazing Grace you will ever hear so be sure not to miss it!





Our new Native American flute and woodwind polish, SUNBURST, is now available for most all woodwinds! 100% all natural ingredients and essential oils, offers a delightful polishing paste with no residues. Great pricing, too!

A wonderful tribute to the Butterfly

Red Crooked Sky Dance Troupe is a collaborative mix of American Indians, each dedicated to educating and promoting positive cultural awareness through traditional and contemporary dance. The troupe is based in Southeastern Virginia and represents an array of tribes – Cherokee, Sioux, Meherrin, Osage, Pamunkey, Seneca, Monacan and others. Red Crooked Sky is also multi-generational, including mothers, fathers, and children as members – all who believe and support family cultural development and spiritual awareness. Not only is this site full of wonderful information/credits regarding Red Crooked Sky as a whole, it is also quite visually appealing - with an incredible photo gallery available for your viewing pleasure. This is definitely a site not to miss!

Native Tech - This is an excellent website overseen by Tara Prindle at the University of Conneticuit. "NativeTech" is an educational web site that covers topics of Native American technology and emphasizes the Eastern Woodlands region. It is organized into categories of Beadwork, Birds & Feathers, Clay & Pottery, Leather & Clothes, Metalwork, Plants & Trees, Porcupine Quills, Stonework & Tools, and Weaving & Cordage. Tara provides simple instructional information about how some of these materials are used by Natives. More importantly, she provides detailed background on the history and development of these kinds of Native technologies, showing both the change and continuity from pre-contact times to the present. NativeTech is dedicated to disconnecting the term 'primitive' from peoples' perceptions of Native American technology and art.

Littleleaf Native American Flutes and Related Items at Ebay! - A place to shop for anything and everything that has to do with Native American flutes, Native American flute music, woodwind polishing kits and Native American flute cases! Beautiful custom flutes, CDs, song books, 100% Pendleton Wool flute cases, specialty woods for flute makers and more! And, of course, one of my most favored places!! If we're running low in items, please be sure to check back soon as we try to replenish items just as soon as we can. Regularly featured: Award winning Native American flutes by Charles Littleleaf.

Native Chat - Offering members great options at this site ... Free member homepages with all the bells and whistles and no ads! Great shopping resources and News from around Indian country.

Nebraska Sunset Soaps - Although the content of this site does not does not carry the "Native American" theme, I felt it worthy enough to feature it here in my list of links. Nebraska Sunset Soaps are a delightful product - sure to please anyone and everyone! Great pricing and fantastic customer service!!

Native American Art and Collectibles - A unique array of Indian gifts, collectibles, decorated leather goods by Shirley Dancing Fox and Clayton Three-Feathers, featuring willow dreamcatchers, beaded pipe-hawks, lances, walking sticks, Native American pictures, American Indian weapons and knives. Also, handmade jewelry including buffalo horn and hair pipe chokers, bracelets, earrings and necklaces, antler jewelry, dreamcatcher earrings and carved bone items. Created in the tradition of the mighty... Sioux.

The Woodcarver's Place - A truly beautiful display of wood art... creations by John Buonauro. See art inspired by the glorious messages of nature and experience awe-inspiring beauty ofJohn's unique 3-dimensional work. True works of art. Online Gallery for your viewing pleasure. A site not to miss! A+++!!

Manataka American Indian Council - For thousands of years, this sacred site was known as Ma-na-ta-ka, (Place of Peace). Elders of many nations from the four corners of Turtle Island made long pilgrimages to this magnificent place to perform ceremonies and share the gift of the healing waters called No-wa-sa-lon (Breath of Healing). They received other special gifts like healing stones, healing clay and healing herbs, to enhance their journey through life. Read the fascinating and true saga of Manataka and see how hundreds of tribes, Spanish Conquistadors, an American President, Mayan and Lakota spiritual leaders, and the Rainbow Woman all played a role in the exciting Story of Manataka. The Manataka America Indian Council exists to preserve and protect this sacred place.

Wendell and Nancy Deer with Horns - "Wendell and Nancy Deer with Horns" offer one of the most spectacular Native American websites out on the internet today. With so many wonderful subjects to search from, including their introduction page, Native American links, fantastic recipes, poetry, beauty lake applets created by Nancy, HTML and webpage help, traditional Native American stories, great graphic and midi links, you'll be in here for hours! Also, don't miss the opportunity to meet Wendell and Nancy through this website, as these two people are truly wonderful! A+

The Greasy Grass - Great Native American graphics for your use; including backgrounds, buttons, bars, and web page sets!

Wyoming Outpost - Please take a moment to visit Wyoming Outpost, where you will find the magnificent works of art by Ramona Atkins, offering a gallery of artwork, crafts, and original children's stories... the likes of which cannot be found elsewhere on the Internet. Also, you will be transported into the world of Ramona's original cdArt, where you'll find formidable landscapes that seem to come alive which are painted on the surface of CD disks, juice can lids, saw blades, animal bones, pieces of driftwood, and many other unusual surfaces. In addition, you will also be able to view and purchase Ramona's exquisite American jewelry and beaded leathers ... definitely available with the collector in mind.

Santa Rosa, CA, Rancheria Tachi Tribe  - In 1851, federal government treaties were signed to protect the rights of American Indians. Nineteen treaties were signed with Indian tribes in California but were never ratified. Even now, California remains the only state in the union without a signed treaty. We are dedicated to presenting those 18 unratified treaties. Wonderfully informative and resourceful. A+

Phil Konstantin's "American Indian History" - A member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, Phil Konstantin offers excellent American Indian History information, historical events, tribal names, and a magnificent compilation of Native American links. Very informative!

Native American Herbal Teas - "Native American Herbal Tea, Inc." is a 100% American Indian owned and operated company. Their teas formulas are based on the stories and legends of how the American Indians used herbal tea in their culture. Using what nature intended, they use all natural ingredients to create the finest quality herbal teas available.

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