List of Native American Flute Makers and Stores
Respected craftsmen in Native American flutes, Native American style flutes, Bamboo flutes, the Shakuhachi, as well as reputable flute stores in the United States, Canada and abroad

native american flute makersListed below are the most noted Native American flute makers and native-inspired flute makers such as our own award winning Native American flute maker, Charles Littleleaf of Littleleaf Native American Flutes and Music, Pat Haran, Dana Ross of Falcon Flutes and Drums, Colyn Peterson, Xavier Quijas Yxayotl Clay Flutes and many more... all who are offering their magical instruments for us to play and enjoy. Within these sites, you will find a large selection of woods available in Native American flutes, dual chamber drone flutes and flute kits. You will also find clay flutes, bamboo instruments, as well as books and videos on how to play the native flute. Please be sure to inquire with the site owners for information regarding their products.

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Reputable Flute Makers and Stores

Amon Olorin Flutes
Ken Light, USA

Ancient Territories

John Stillwell, USA

B's Woodland Style Flutes
Bryan Towers, Canada

Beach Creek Studios
Rick Heller, USA

Blue Star Spirit
Blue Linnartz, USA

Bruce Becker Flutes

Buffalo Moon Flutes
Keith Glowka, USA

Burning Wood Flutes
Keith Oberdieck, USA

Butch Hall Flutes 

Cane Flutes
Peter Gustafson, Germany  

Catahoula Flutes
Rand Rowe

Cedar Spirit Flutes
British Columbia

Littleleaf Native American Flutes and Music
Charles Littleleaf, USA (
formerly Ancient Vision Flutes)

CherryCows Flutes

Chiatanka WoodSong
Jack Eagan

Coyote Clay Flutes
Paul Pitt

Coyote Oldman Music
Michael Graham Allen

Crazy Bear Flutes
Bob Carlson

David R. Maracle Traditional Instruments

Dragonfly Flutes
Tahoe Larry

Dreamwind Flutes
Lee Entrekin

Dryad Flutes
Jon Sherman

Earth Song Flutes
Craig 'Six Bears' Chan

Erik the Flute Maker

Falcon Flutes and Drums
Dana Ross

Fallen Branch Flutes

Farpoint Flutes
Lee Nix

Feather Ridge Flutes 
Randy Stenzel

Fire Flutes
Craig Noss

Fire Color Flutes
Tom Frink

Flautas De Amor
Daniel Gutierrez

Flight Feather Flutes
Utah Farris

Flutewalker Native American-Style Flutes
Werner John

Flutewood Flutes
Jim Morehouse

Flute Spirit
Tim Van Dusen

Fretwell Flutes

Green Grass Flutes
Geri LittleJohn

Hawkeye's Nest
Val Jason Kobrin

Hawk Henries Eastern Woodlands Flutes

Hawk Hurst Flutes

Heart Song Flutes
Rommy Verlaan

Island Flutes
Ray Wood

Jim Gilliland Flutes

Jim's Flutes
Jim Verrelli

Jon Norris Music and Arts
Jon Norris

Journey of Life Flutes
Dan and Jean Selchow

Kenny King

Laughing Crow Flutes
Richard Maynard

Little Raven Flutes
Jeremy Baer

Mad Max Flutes
Max Skabelund

Magic Wind Flutes
Chuck Pavey

Meadowlark Ceramic Flutes
John Kulias

Mike Turner Flutes

Mockingbird Flutes
Larry Evans

Mosom Flutes
Ned Bear

Mother Earth Natural Branch Flutes
Danuwa Analihi Adonvdo

Mystic Flutes
Jim Bixel

Native Heart
Richard Burdick

Native Love Flutes
Stephen DeRuby

Nighteagle Flute Company
David Nighteagle

Northern Arapaho Flutes
Herb Welsh

NZT Design Flutes
Dennis and Kapotahi Frederiksen

Ollin Flutes
Juan R Leon

Pat Haran Flutes

Peaceful Sounds in Alaska
Jason and Annett Leyva 

PLC Flutes
Phil Caldwell

Querencia Woodwinds
Rich Halliburton

Raven Native American Flutes

Raven Wing Flutes
Frank Harter

Rick Heller Flutes
Rick Heller

Rising Moon Flutes
David O'Neal

Running Deer Flutes

Shades of Rez Native Flutes
Tim Blueflint

Shadow Flutes
Brian ShadowWalker Morris

Southern Cross Flutes
Todd Chaplin, New Zealand

Spirit of the Woods Flutes
Ed Hrebec

Spirit Wind Love Flutes
Stephen DeRuby and Victoria Hopkins

Spirit Winds Flutes
Tony and Debruoniva Richards

Spirit Wind Flutes, Australia
Tony Richards

Stellar Flutes

Stonelaughter Flutes
Tom Kelsall, United Kingdom

Sun Dog Flute Works
Kent Bush

Sunreed Flutes

Temple Wind Flutes
Craig Paterson

Three Leaf Native American Style Flutes
Stephen Grosvenor Meier

Thunder Bear Flutes
Randy Starnes

Tree of Life Designs
Ed Dougherty

Treesong Flutes
Woody Swifteagles

Turtle Island Flutes
Al Cleveland

Turtle Mound Flutes
John Ellis

Ugly Boy Flutes
Bob Child

Uguna Flutes
Geoff Norman

Village Flutes
Jon Norris

Whistlingwind Native American Flutes
Aaron White

White Crow Native American Flutes
Barry Higgins

Wild Horse Mountain Flutes
Dr. Oliver Jones

Wild Wind Creations
David Sanipass and Ron Perry

Wispa Flutes
Steve Carpenter

Woodland Voices Flutes
Colyn Petersen

WrenSong Flutes
Judy Robinson

Xavier Quijas Yxayotl Clay Flutes

Yazzie Flutes

Yellowknife Flutes
Fred Yellowknife Keams

Flute Resources

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